About Us

We’re science writers, educators and program evaluators who

  • write about the wonders, workings, beauty and fragility of nature
  • teach to engage, enlighten and inspire
  • evaluate to inform, improve and innovate
  • serve aquariums, zoos, nature centers, museums and other
    science education places
  • work with passion, commitment and hope.

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Key People
Chris Parsons
Principal & Founder

Chris has a B.A. in biology, an M.A. in education and an M.B.A. in international business. She has worked in informal education for over 35 years, initially as staff educator and science writer at Sea World of California, San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park [Safari Park], and Monterey Bay Aquarium during its start-up. Chris founded Word Craft in 1986. Since then, we have provided services to more than 50 aquariums, zoos, nature centers, museums, government agencies and research institutions reaching out to the public.

Kit Muhs
Science Educator & Writer
Kit holds a B.A. in biology and M.S. in marine science. She has experience with diverse audiences as an environmental educator and interpreter with Walden West Environmental Education Center, the Oceanic Society and Monterey Bay Aquarium. She has taught biology and ecology at the community college level. Kit’s been with Word Craft since 1992.


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